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Nobody ever became a famous artist hiding their art away. If you (or people around you) think you have some artistic talent, give it a shot! With 100 pages, you have a good shot at being published.



Craig Musselman

aka "solipsism"

age: 40

(acts: 25, with hint of insanity)

me steampunk

I was born in Kitchener, but grew up in a little town called Shakspeare 20 miles West

I went to highschool in Stratford, but came back to Waterloo to take Physics and Math at UW (and actually graduated too!)

Blah Blah...bought first pink bicycle helmet...learned photoshop and lost 10 years to it...Blah Blah...

...had a boring job...took Digital Imaging at Conestoga College at night and became a Graphic Designer!

Took a year off to take web development at TriOS College. Now writing this book and looking for more Graphic Design Work. (call me!)



Fantasy Art: