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Don't Be Shy!

Submit your artwork NOW!

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Nobody ever became a famous artist hiding their art away. If you (or people around you) think you have some artistic talent, give it a shot! With 100 pages, you have a good shot at being published.


Have you done this before?

We had a successful launch of the book for the Waterloo and Area artists in November 2010.

Why are you doing this?

Because I can, and you deserve it right?

What do I submit?

click here

How much will the book cost?

The last book was 20-33 dollars depending on how you delivered it.

When will it be done?

ASAP. The faster you submit, the faster it is done. If I get enough quality entries before the deadline I will publish. People who submit EARLY will be rewarded. The last book many many lost out waiting until the last minute (literally). I do not look fondly on excuses like "I was busy". Those people are kicking themselves back in Waterloo because their friends were in and they were too busy for TWO MONTHS to send me 1 email. I am not asking for the world, just an email with 3 pictures, a paragraph about yourself and a title. If 100 people submit this week, it will be done January, if 100 people submit at the last second all at once (like last time) it adds 3 months. I have the time NOW, don't wait. Some time in the spring.

Do you have a Facebook page so I can get updates without having to ask?

Yes! My Facebook page for the book is: "TalentNextDoor Book" feel free to friend it and post sample art pieces and get critiques.

Who is funding for all this?

Just me, although I will entertain applications from willing sugardaddies/mommas!

What is your time budget for this project?

400 hours (and counting)

I want to get paid!!!

I will send you 3 pictures and my bio, and when you put ME in a book you spend 10 forty hour weeks making we will be even. Alternatively, you can be assigned 400 hours of cleaning my house, and I will send you a cheque for half of what I make. Email me right away at this address.

I am afraid you are taking my art and running away with it!

I am making the book and will generate all the publicity for it that we can. I am not opening a store to make tshirts and other merchandise. Contact any of the 142 artists in the previous books for references. Think about it. Has anyone ELSE offered to put you in a book for free? Take the opportunity and run, I have a whole mailing list for Waterloo of people who I begged and pleaded for 3 months to enter the first book and turned me down that are now begging ME. Don't be them. Submit EARLY and submit right the first time. Make my life easy and I can do more with less time.