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Nobody ever became a famous artist hiding their art away. If you (or people around you) think you have some artistic talent, give it a shot! With 100 pages, you have a good shot at being published.




This book contest project is open to artists living in Cambridge and Guelph or the small towns surrounding it. If I get enough responses I will make a book for both Cambridge AND Guelph (KW has been covered already, other cities may follow)

You must be over 18 to submit artwork, or I will have to get permission from your guardian.

You must be the creator and copyright holder of all artwork submitted (fan art not permitted). You give me permission to use your work for the project and generate publicity for the project. You will otherwise retain your copyright.You must also be a reasonable person who doesn't make my life more difficult than it has to be or get me into legal trouble.This project is for fun, let's keep it a fun project.


A) 3 high resolution artwork images (jpg preferred)

B) small mugshot of artist

C) Cut & Paste the sample below to YOUR data (Character limits will be enforced, please keep things brief)

Name: bob smith
Location: Beechwood
Website: www.crankybob.com
Email: bob@rogers.com

Bio: (200-500 characters...max about 4 sentences) Bob is a big mean guy who likes to paint in acrylic on wood. He went to art school in Toronto and never looked back. He traveled around the world and hated it so he moved back to Waterloo because he liked the weather. He loves flowers and likes painting things from his garden. He works on plywood. He loves his cat 'BONKERS'. (sample is 327 characters don't write much more)

Image 1 Title (12x13") Oil on canvas. + Brief phrase if desired (Min 0, max 100 characters each)

Image 2 Title (22x35") Watercolour on paper. + Brief phrase

Image 3 Title (55x93") Iron and Wood.+ Brief phrase

D)your phone number (won't be published)

E) Submit everything to:



or drop it off (see contact page) on a disc (won't be returned)


You may also submit these and additional items to the gallery on the site, but an email should accompany the gallery.


All artwork should be as clear and nice as possible. I can fix some things in photoshop but CLEAR, LARGE, photos make my life easier. I can fix squareness if it is close.

THE BIGGER THE BETTER. PRINT NEEDS LARGE IMAGES. Anything under 1200 pixels across or 400kb will be automatically rejected. Print will be 300dpi, format for that if you can.


area desired for entrants