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Camb/Guelph Book Show in March! SiliconW gallery Kitchener.

news report on the show by Zak

SiliconW Gallery is planning a month long show for the Cambridge Guelph Talent Next Door Book. Opening Night is Tenatively evening Thursday March 8 (subject to participation of the artists).

More details soon. Cherie the curator will be sending out emails about it soon.
If you are in the book you will be invited to show for the month. If you know anyone in the book that is not up to date on their emails, please talk about it with anyone that should know. I still want to do some get togethers in both cambridge and guelph, but putting a show on your CV from outside your local town will look good for everyone, especially those with only local exposure. SiliconW is very generous donating this space for our use.

The KW book had a huge selection from the book at the gallery and estimates of 500 people attended the opening.

Pics of the KW show at SiliconW, before Xmas.

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Cam/Guelph Book IS DONE. Art Show at Siliconw Opening Mar. 8 2012.


Important date for the first gallery show for the CG talent next door book.

Work Drop off dates: Sat March 3rd, 11am-5pm, Mon March 5th, 10am-6pm
Opening Reception: Thurs March 8th, 7pm-10pm
Pick up date: Thurs March 29th, and Fri March 30th from 10am-6pm

map to gallery:

Thank you!
Cherie Fawcett
Gallery Manager
Silicon W

Now the book itself!


Sorry for the delay everyone, publishing is difficult long distance with mail and the voodoo that is colour printing.

I have finally received a proof that is nice and bright and that I like!

I am ordering 150 copies for the Mar. 8 opening (currently scheduled…more here) If all goes well they should be there for that. I still plan smaller events in Cambridge and Guelph themselves, but Silicon W in Kitchener has graciously offered us their gallery for the month of March. The KW book was held there and it was a fully packed house with over 500 people they tell me. It was also on TV!

Click the How To Buy Books Tab for all options.
The books I have on hand from me will be $20 because of my author discount.
Books will be available online at the regular price in several ways (drop ship, through the amazon owned publisher, and ( eventually other distributers as they filter through the system in the next couple of months. )

If you are impatient and don’t mind paying more, the fastest way is through the owned publisher site. They come right off the production line to you directly and the site has a guarantee for being printed and cut properly…Please make use of this GUARANTEE if anything goes wrong, and also inform me, as there have been sporadic issues over XMAS that I have been trying to wait out while they got back to normal (which is why this too so long). I think they are back up to speed now.

More information about the SiliconW show was sent feb 21 (from she is the curator, her email reposted here:

Just making sure that everyone in the Cambridge Guelph book has checked their email for the upcoming show for MARCH at siliconW that is providing the venue for the first show for the cambridge Guelph book. Cherie Fawcett is managing the show for me. The last show at Siliconw was a major hit with they tell me 500+ people at the opening that was packed! I have ordered 150 CG books for the event to ……sell ($20) and some more of the KW books as well. The opening is march 8th 7-10, the rest of the details are in the pasted message below:

A couple pics from the KW book show in november:

Location is Location
283 Duke Street West, Unit 308, Kitchener, Ontario

(corner of duke st and breithaupt, in a big yellow brick warehouse, third floor)
A great writeup about the KW book show with more pictures here:


Hello folks,

Silicon W Gallery would like to invite you to participate in our ‘Talent Next Door Cambridge and Guelph’ group exhibition! This is a great way to gain exposure, network and build your CV. Our last TND opening was a great success and had over 300 people in attendance. We were showcased on CTV’s ‘The Beat’ as well as in other local media. This exhibition will take place for the month of March and showcase a wide range of local artists.

If you are interested in taking part in this exciting upcoming exhibition, please let me know ASAP so that I may send over the exhibition contract. Please note: there is no fee to participate in the exhibition.

Important dates:

Work Drop off dates: Sat March 3rd, 11am-5pm, Mon March 5th, 10am-6pm
Opening Reception: Thurs March 8th, 7pm-10pm
Pick up date: Thurs March 29th, and Fri March 30th from 10am-6pm

Thank you!
Cherie Fawcett
Gallery Manager
Silicon W

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SiliconW Show Extension

Everyone should check their spam boxes for dec 24 from siliconW. This message below may have appeared.

Since they are short staffed in their gallery at the moment and the gallery is unbooked for january they thought it easier to extend the show, they don’t have exact details until the new year but Anil said he is thinking of Jan 26 give or take as the new pick up date if you would like to extend your showing.

Dear Artists and Friends,

Thank you very much for your support and kind emails over the holiday season. As you are aware, Stela has moved on and is no longer our gallery curator, we wish her the best in her future endeavors as we endeavor to find a suitable replacement in the new year. We would like to extend the current show through January as we have received amazing feedback and all of the art on display is very inspiring.

For any reason, if you require your artwork back and it has not yet sold, please let us know and we will gladly arrange a time with you for take-down and pickup. Otherwise, we look forward to speaking with you in the new year and discussing the ways in which we can win together. We will also coordinate a take-down schedule in january for the rest of the art that does not sell.

To start, we would like to offer you a holiday present… be the first to have a go at our new virtual product and design your own mobile app – Let us know the App Name you create so we can upgrade you to the pro service for free.

Hope you all enjoy the holiday season!

Anil Mehta and Paul Silva

Silicon W Co-founders

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Newspaper Articles!

Newspaper Articles!

Waterloo Chronicle Dec 21 2011.

Waterloo Chronicle Dec 21 2011 Talent Next Door Book

Waterloo Chronicle Dec 21 2011 Talent Next Door Book



Waterloo Chronicle Site online version

link to hard copy 1775px copy you can read

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Entries Received Updated Oct 7


I have updated this list to OCT 7 5pm ONLY for the KW part only.
These are the entries received, I have made no choices yet. Just listing the entries.

I still have to look at my spreadsheet for Cambridge/Guelph. If you are in KW region and not on here, check both lists and then email me I might have just not typed it in or it was lost.
Some people owe me a few things like mugshots and bigger pics.

I will update the second list tonight when I get home from the art show.

*Lesley Fitzpatrick
Adele Figliomeni
Aileen Ridley
Albert Casson
Alcinda Wong
Alex Pominville
Alex Wilson
Alexis Tyrala
Alishia Ellis
Amy Ferrari
Andy Wright
Angela Werstine
Anna Koot
Barry Daniels
Ben Dot
Beryl Dawson
Brenda Radford
Brent Schreiber
Brian Douglas
Cambridge Guelph
Carmen E Peters
Caroline de Gruchy
Cathy Amos
Cathy Pascoe
Chris Austin
Chris Winterson
Christina Preece
Christopher Korrock-abilly
Conan Stark
Corey Waurechen
D H McKee
Dan Nash Gottfried
Dan Zybala
Danny Bailey
Diane Eastham
Diane Tyrell
Donna Stares
Elaine Cowan
Emily Beatty
Emily Fuchs
Frances A Gregory
Frank Reid
Gabe Griffiths
Gary Babb
Gloria Kagawa
Heather Hughes
Igor Drgoslavic
J Fallaise
J Ryan Brooks
Jacob Bian
Jacqueline Veltri
Jakki Annerino
Jamie Quinn
Jan Bentley-Fogolin
Jan Piller
Jane Hamilton
Janet Main
Janet Rough Young
Jax Rula
Jeffrey Chan
Jen Hazzard
Jessica Buchanan
Jo Lomas
Joan Ang
Joel Larose
John Rula
John-Paul Fillon
Jon Munz
Joy Ross
JUDGE Elena Bissinger
Jules Hall
K W Procession
Karen von Knobloch
Karolina Varin
Kathleen Poste
Keith de Vries
Kerry L Ross
Kevin Martin
Kosta One
Laila Shouckry
Laurie Spieker
Leanne Sawchuk
Leigh Cooney
Leigh Sellner
Maedeh Ashrafizadeh
Marcela Vedinas
Margaret Gissing
marinko Piunic
marion anderson
mark rehkopf
Mary Ann Helmond
Mary Lou Hillier
michael messner
Michelle Salter
Mitzi Schnabel
murray Dekeyser
Nana Bediako
Niclin McNeice
Nicole Waddick
Norma mcDonald
Oscare Estrada
Patrick Wey
Phyllis Didur
Pieter Zantinge
R. C. Salazar
Raegan Little
Ralf Wall
Richard Elseworthy
Roger Schmidt
Roslyn Ramsay
Ruby Kngsbury
Sandra Roemer
Sandra Schizkoske
Sanela Dizdar
Sara Geidlinger
Serena Lawrence
Sheila Diemert
Sheila Trinkhaus
Shirley Al
Sophia Solaris
Stacey Yacula
Stela Topolcic
Steve Tippin
Tall Ship Tattoo
Ter Torra
Todd Manuel
Wilma Vanderleeuw
Yaeyul Kim
Zak Whitford
Zaven Titizian
Total:129 (check other list first)

Cambridge Guelph (still to be updated)

Ainsley Boyd
Alain Guillou
Amar Bhuee
Ann Harvey
Barb Kerkhoven
Barbara Bryce
Barbara Young
Betty Anne Doughty
Beverly Bev de Jong
Carina Francioso
Charlotte Timmins
Chris Rowan
Daisy Fresh
Daria Love
Darlene Watson
Darryl Redfern
Donna Steward
Doris Clemes
Elaine Ferdinandi
Elle How
Ema Suvajac
Ginny Carnevale
Gray Schilling
Hanne Lore Koehler
Heather Franklin
Helena Pravda
Irene MacCrimmom
Irene Smedley
Ivano Stocco
Jeanne Yardley
Jeff Ferst
Jennifer Rosebush
Jessica Hoflick
Joan Vanderkamp
Karen Cummings
Karin Silverstone
Kathleen Morin
Kathleen Schmalz
Kevin W Kreller
Laura Bauer
Laura Cook
Laura Perrin
Les Winship
Lisa Chandler
Lois Ryder
Lorna Cole
Lynn chidwick
Maggie Tilley
Marg Peter
maria Pezzano
Michelle Braniff
Michelle Ramalho **
Monika Ptok-Byard (Faebyl Art)
Nancy Yule
Natalie Prevost
Richard Preiss
Roslyn Levin
Ross Hamilton
Sharon Maillet
Stacey Yacula
Supria Karmakar
Tiina Price
Tina Newlove
Traci Cottingham


total 143

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Call For Artists – Cambridge, Guelph & Area + KW and Area


Call For Artists – Cambridge, Guelph & Small Towns East (deadline extended until Sept 30, 2011).

Call for Artists – Kitchener Waterloo and Areas West (deadline to be determined – end of summer too). This will be the second book for this area and is sponsored by a grang from the Region of Waterloo – ArtsFund.

Click here for Answers to :FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions”

See inside last book (Waterloo and Area):

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Dec 2, 2010: TV Interviews “Daytime” and “CTV”


See me talk about the book on DAYTIME, and CTV:

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Nov 30, 2010: Article in the TheRecord about the book! Proud Magazine December Issue

article in proud magazine

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November 27, 2010: Pot Luck Second Party and Art Show

November 27, 2010. 430-630 pm Button Factory 25 Regina St S Waterlooposter from second party

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