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Camb/Guelph Book Show in March! SiliconW gallery Kitchener.

news report on the show by Zak

SiliconW Gallery is planning a month long show for the Cambridge Guelph Talent Next Door Book. Opening Night is Tenatively evening Thursday March 8 (subject to participation of the artists).

More details soon. Cherie the curator will be sending out emails about it soon.
If you are in the book you will be invited to show for the month. If you know anyone in the book that is not up to date on their emails, please talk about it with anyone that should know. I still want to do some get togethers in both cambridge and guelph, but putting a show on your CV from outside your local town will look good for everyone, especially those with only local exposure. SiliconW is very generous donating this space for our use.

The KW book had a huge selection from the book at the gallery and estimates of 500 people attended the opening.

Pics of the KW show at SiliconW, before Xmas.

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