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Cambridge Guelph Book Status

March 19, 2012

Books sales are strong, gallery show at siliconW in kitchener until april.

Feb 17, 2012.

I have finally gotten a proof I am happy with and have released it as the final online. I am ordering 150 for the first party opening Feb 8 at SiliconW. I hope to have them before that. Books on hand will be 20$ previous proofs will be going on bulk sale TBD.

Cambridge Guelph & Area Front and Back Cover

Cambridge Guelph & Area Front and Back Cover


Pages 1-25 PDF
Pages 26-50 PDF
Pages 51-74 PDF
Pages 75-100
Pages 101-125 PDF













Agnes Niewiadomski 52
Ainsley Boyd 53
Alain Guillou 45
Alex Krajewski 9, 27
Alex Pominville 8
Amar Bhuee 60
Amy Roger 89
Angela Werstine 2, 6
Anna Krajewski 26
Ann Harvey 81
Barbara Bryce 13, 34
Barbara Young 49
Barb Kerkhoven 65
Barry Scutt 78
Beryl Dawson 71
Betty Anne Doughty 88
Bev de Jong 57
Bhupi Rajput 72
Bill Corning 110
Cameron Stewart 21
Carina Francioso 22
Carol Hughes 79
Charlotte Timmins 80
Chris Evitts 43
Chris Rowan 102
Chris Smith-Donison 46
Clive Lewis 29
Craig Musselman 3
Daisy Fresh 69
Daisy Kurp 96
Dale Vardy 97
Daria Love 117
Darlene Watson 103
Darryl Redfern 88
David J. Knight 95
Deb Jeffery 14
Donna Stares 90
Donna Stewart 94
Doris Clemes 40
Elaine Ferdinandi 83
Elle How 92
Ema Suvajac 87
Emily Beatty Imagery 7, 24
Eric Allen Montgomery 59
Gerda Thibodeau 50
Ginny Carnevale 42
Graeme Sheffield 47
Grayce Perry 38
Gray Schilling 44
Hanne Lore Koehler 41
Heather Franklin 48
Helena Pravda 33
Irene MacCrimmom 62
Irene Smedley 101
Ivano Stocco 19
Jacqueline Veltri 32
Jeanne Yardley 107
Jeff Ferst 63
Jennifer Rosebush 37
Jerre Davidson 100
Jessica Buchanan 106
Jessica Hoflick 64
Joan Vanderkamp 82
Joël Larose 2, 12
Karen Cummings 111
Karin Silverstone 85
Kathleen Morin 86
Kathleen Schmalz 36
Kevin W. Kreller 119
Kevork George Kassabian 39
Kimberley H Denny 66
Kim Turner 67
Laura Bauer 113
Laura Cook 76
Laura Perrin 28
Les Winship 112
Lisa Chandler 104
Lois Ryder 105
Lorna Cole 58
Lynn Chidwick 77
Maggie Tilley 74
Maggie Vanderweit 91
Mandy Resendes 120
Margaret A Peter 68
Maria Pezzano 70
Mary Karavos 75
Matthew Mueller 61
Michele Braniff 56
Michele Jones 20
Michelle Ramalho 116
Monica Lima 108
Monika Ptok-Byard (Faebyl Art) 99
Nancy Yule 16
Natalie Prévost 35
Paul Szewc (Chefs) 115
Richard Preiss 117
Rosalind Smurthwaite-Amorin 5, 93
Roslyn Levin 84
Ross Hamilton 18
Roxann Blazetich-Ozols 98
Sanela Dizdar 2, 4
Sharon Maillet 114
Sioux Thibodeau 51
Sona Mincoff 55
Stacey Yacula 11, 54
Sue Sturdy 116
Supria Karmakar 15
Susan Strachan Johnson 23
Sylvia Galbraith 31
Thomas Head 118
Tiina Price 17
Tina Newlove 109
Traci Cottingham 73
William McRae 30
Zak Whitford 25
Zlatka Subotičanec 2, 10














–previous post dec 20 2011—-below.

I have my only shipment of 50 before Xmas. They are proofs, I will be doing some colour corrections (I hope to change the green level and a make the black a little lighter, a little more vibrant. I haven’t looked for typos yet, I just got them last night and have been busy).
First come first serve. (I realize I asked before for an estimate to buy, that was just to get the number, they are not reserved unless I have talked to you Dec 21. )

I should be home all night dec 21. I am noctournal so you can call late if you want.

Map to my house is on the contact page of the website.

I am planning leaving friday evening for shakespeare. I really won’t be able to wait around for people that night, as I am being picked up and will have to leave when the car goes. I don’t have an an exact time.

After christmas I will do a pre-order that will be for the party(ies) (sometime in the new year) I am just trying to make the xmas people happy as best I can right now.

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  1. Dale Vardy 12/17/2011, 2:25 pm:

    Wow! The book, front page and back page look fantastic. I will wait until after Christmas to order at least 3 books from you.

  2. Rosalind Amorin 01/24/2012, 4:06 pm:

    I am looking forward to getting my copy and seeing it made available to others. Hope things are going well. I would like two books.

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