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—-as of march 19—————————–
Stock available on hand not pre-sold:
craig musselman house:
KW vol2 : 75
Cambridge Guelph : 70

Map to visit craig and phone

clay and glass , and uptown gallery, have a few KW2 books left at their prices.


1. The Cambridge/Guelph book is done I am ordering 150 for Mar 8, 2012.

Cambridge Guelph & Area Front and Back Cover

Cambridge Guelph & Area Front and Back Cover








Available online

A) Through the owned publisher Createspace (that is where I get mine)
In the order form you can use my coupon code: GLLHJG8J to get $7US off the publisher site price (which is about the cost of shipping). Regular price is $27.99US + shipping.
(if you are ordering more than 3 books let me know I can get them cheaper than you can in bulk).

B) Through (should go live this week some time) search for ISBN 978-0987789525

C) Others Websites will filter through in the spring

D) I will probably try to get them on consignment somewhere in Guelph and Cambridge when possible. I don’t have a whole lot of money for consignment stock and transportation there is a problem so the parties are the best bet locally.


2. The KW volume 2 book Now Fully Available Online and around Waterloo
HOW to buy the KW volume 2 book:








1. (while supplies last ) $20 cash or cheque local pickup at my house 80 churchill st unit 37 waterloo. 519 725 3997 (not in the morning). $21 with credit card through my main portal (email me about that)map to my house

2. $22.99*+shipping with coupon LJ44VAFD (type that for $6 dollars off the $28.99* price in the cart) at the publisher’s store:
click here for the store

3. ISBN 9780987789518 (make sure you order #2 if you want the new one, there is a “2″ on the bottom corner of the cover, volume 1 is still available as well)

4. Uptown Gallery Waterloo $25

UpTown Gallery
Waterloo Town Square
75 King Street South

uptownwaterloo gallery  logo

5. Clay and Glass Gallery Waterloo $25 + tax

25 Caroline Street North,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 2Y5
Telephone: (519) 746-1882
Fax: (519) 746-6396

6. For viewing only:

Waterloo Public Library has 2 copies of both KW 1 and KW 2 for your viewing pleasure, although they are very popular so you might need to place a hold. They get shelved on the NEW rack.

accurate as of
dec 21 9pm

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  1. Sioux Thibodeau 12/10/2011, 10:35 am:

    We require 12 of the Guelph books and 1 of the other

  2. Tiina Price 12/10/2011, 3:30 pm:

    Please reseserve 10 books for me. I am off to Iceland on Dec.21 and back Jan.3. Would love to have 1 book to take with me, if possible; the other 9 can wait until the new year. Am happy to prepay to reserve my order. Am Ex? Visa?

  3. Pauline Simpson 12/10/2011, 9:59 pm:

    I’d like to purchase your current and previous books. Is the Clay and Glass Gallery the only place to pick them up? I am in South Kitchener.

  4. Ann Harvey 12/13/2011, 10:11 pm:

    I have looked at all of the submissions and WOW! The talent in this region is awesome. So glad to be part of it.
    Ann Harvey

  5. craigmusselman 12/14/2011, 4:55 am:

    the places to buy them are and will be on the “buy books” link on the website
    uptown gallery will be carrying them and other arty places as well.

    cheapest is through me directly though
    also online see site (createspace, amazon, etc)

  6. Maggie Tilley 12/19/2011, 10:08 am:

    I would like to order 5 books from you to be picked up at your place after Christmas (no extra cash now). It looks awesome Craig. You rock!

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